Kayaking is a fun and adventuresome way to have an exercise while also enjoying the fresh air.

It can seem hair-raising to some, but kayaking is not as challenging as it looks. Even better if you can learn it with experienced kayakers.

Here are some points to know about kayaking as a workout.

Health Benefits

Kayaking has many benefits far beyond just to enjoying waters. Kayaking is one of the most appealing and rigorous workouts in boating.

Popular as a social activity, or an individual sport, kayaking offers one of the most gratifying workouts around. We share a few of the great health benefits of kayaking in this article.

1. Stress relief

You’re using a lot of energy to move through the waters, but don’t forget the emotional gains.

You’ll get a lot for yourself from spending time on the water.

Each moment that you spend in nature will give you a relaxing, peaceful feeling as you paddle slowly through the water.

You observe nature, and that gives you perspective and appreciation for the world around you. And think about all the endorphins you’ll be pumping through your bloodstream.

2. Weight loss

As soon as you get into the water, you’ll realize how much energy it takes to get going.

An all-day trip might burn 2000 calories, not a bad workout at all!

3. Core Workout

Another important part of kayaking is the use of the core muscles. The core will give you better balance, excellent cardiovascular health, and toned trim abs.

You continuously use your muscles as you paddle and turn through the waters. Your arms, abs, lower back, and legs will all carry a small amount of weight to help you stay balanced in the boat and control its movements.

4. Upper-Body Workout

Kayaking gives a full upper-body workout. As you paddle, you perform hundreds of low impact reps that will be great for your back, arms, and chest. This repetition of movement ensures that you will gradually gain a much firmer structure.

Gear You Need

Kayaking is one of the most pleasant water experiences that you can have because of its nature.

As you paddle, you will get several health benefits, but how do you get started?

Kayaking demands a level of preparedness and safety, so let’s talk about the gear you need.

1. Paddle

The paddle is one of the essential parts of kayaking. It is a smart idea to get something that suits for long-term use and is also less likely to break. Better quality means lighter, more durable paddles.

Size can also be a factor when you’re making your purchase. If the paddle doesn’t fit you properly, it increases its chances of being lost. You should be able to hold on to the paddle comfortably without straining.

2. Life Vest for Kayaking

If you are going to kayak, one of the most critical pieces of gear is a kayaking life vest.

A kayaking life vest differs from a regular life vest in a few small ways.

They make a kayaking life vest to give you room to sit correctly, while being a very snug fit and cut to allow for a much more full range of motion.

They often include pockets that allow you to keep other small supplies close to you.

3. Compass and Map

A compass and map will help you keep track of where you’re going and where you are. If you have purchased the life vest that has pockets or a utility section, they will fit nicely in one of the pockets.

4. Bilge Pump

A bilge pump is a little security for you. It gets water out of your kayak. You may have water inside because of water lapping the sides of your kayak.

Extra weight from the water makes your kayak less stable, and the weight could cause you to capsize. The last thing you want is to be upside down in the water. You must remove the water from the boat as quickly as possible.

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