Before you start kayaking, you need to follow some kayaking tips.

Kayaking attracts more and more people nowadays because it’s fun, healthy, and exciting.

If you are a beginner kayak-enthusiasts struck by the spell of this water sport, here are some essential tips that every newbie should know.

Family of mother and daughter paddling on kayaks at tropical ocean water during summer vacation

Here are the basic kayaking tips:

1. Find the right kayak

There are various types of kayaks that suit for specific purposes. For beginners, however, choose one that is meant for recreational paddling.

Recreational paddling is just casual paddling done in calm bodies of water, like ponds. A recreational kayak is great for learning basic kayaking techniques. You can also use it with photography and fishing.

You can use a type of kayak that can take in up to three people with its 12-foot length, and because it is light-weight, it is easier to lift.

2. Learn how to get in and out of the kayak

Getting in and out may come out as challenging. It is the tricky part for beginners, in fact.

The secret to sitting in the kayak is to maintain centered and low weight.

When sitting inside the cockpit, position yourself in the dock’s edge and let your legs dangle over to balance the kayak. When you have found the stability, release the rope, and start paddling. Just remember to relax.

3. Get to know the paddling basics

Knowing how to paddle is the foundation of learning how to kayak.

Make your self relax to maintain balance and leverage. Begin by resting the paddle diagonally over the cockpit area. Then loosen up your legs to adjust your position. Relax your shoulders, and do some neck stretching to ease muscle tension. Do other exercises that can relax your muscles before paddling. After the warmup, lean your back and start paddling. The force should come from your torso. Each stroke should begin with an alternate upstroke and downstroke paddling movement. Remember to keep your arms relaxed as if pedaling a bicycle.

4. Master the backward-paddling

Make your kayak go in the opposite direction by slowing down the kayak first and paddling in reverse.

Learn these kayaking tips before you begin your journey. Hopefully, this collection of essential kayaking tips is enough to give you a good start.

5. Learn to make a turn

Turning is simple to master. To push your kayak to any direction you like, turn by paddling on the side opposite to the course you wish to go. Speed the pace of your turn by placing the paddle into the water in a vertical position perpendicular to the position you desire to go. Once you are on the right track, resume your regular paddling.

A brief background on Kayaks

Kayak is a small human-powered canoe that has a covered deck. The kayak has served the people living near the Arctic for thousands of years.

While the traditional use for was hunting, the modern version is for recreation and sports.

Instead of harpoons, they outfit these modern kayaks with the paddles for better rowing capabilities.

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