Throughout the year, families across the United States engage in a recreational, and inexpensive, weekend getaway that often includes camping. With countless numbers of park and recreation facilities across the United States, children, and their parents, can enjoy the great outdoors, even if in their own backyard.When camping, as in any other sport or recreational activity, the key to safety lies in the preparation of the activity. Camping, for many families, can be overwhelming when not properly prepared with the right tools and resources. One such tool, the lantern, is a necessity but choosing the right lantern for camping can be equally as challenging as the camping event itself.

Purchasing a Lantern for Camping or Hiking

Camping Lanterns:

As a general rule, camping lanterns come in a variety of sizes but, generally, classified as either small or large. The size you will need will depend, largely, on what camping activities you will be doing.

When backpacking, the small lightweight packing lanterns are ideal. This type of lantern will weigh, generally, around 28 ounces. As a lantern that is easy to carry, the source of power is generated from either unleaded gas or from stove fuel. While there are smaller and more compact lanterns, weighing around nine ounces, we find these are not as useful when hiking, especially when you anticipate being outdoors, in the dark, for extended periods. Although, for a short nighttime excursion, a nine ounce lantern will work well.

Liquid-Fuel Burning Lantern:

When at base camp, many families will turn to the larger lanterns. In the larger versions, lanterns are equipped to use kerosene, unleaded fuel, propane and even batteries. As a heavier version of camping lantern, these will generally weigh a few pounds with the liquid-fuel burning lantern providing the cheapest option for use.

Along those same lines is the use of propane lanterns. While not as cost effective as a liquid-fuel lantern, the propane lantern is generally considered the safest, aside from costly batteries, and is recommended for families who are camping with children. A refillable propane tank is quite heavy but propane lanterns will provide the safest option when camping and, in many cases, when camping with children, safety is the most important issue.

Safety When Camping with your Family:

When camping with your family this year, there are many tools and resources you will need to consider as part of your camping excursion. Whether camping with children, camping in very remote areas or just camping in your backyard, a lantern will, in most cases, be necessary. To ensure the safety of your entire family, and to provide the most efficient use of power and energy, use these simple guides when purchasing your next camping lantern.

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